We are Online!

Dear Visitor,

on behalf of the I-TUTOR Team I would like to welcome you in our project’s website!

The I-TUTOR (Intelligent Tutoring for Lifelong Learning) project started in January 2012 with the aim of developing a multi-agent based intelligent system to support online teachers, trainers, tutors and students.

The aimed intelligent tutoring system, to be applied in open source learning environments, able to monitor, track, analyses and give formative assessment and feedback loop to students within the learning environment and also give inputs to tutors and teachers involved in distance learning to better their role during the process of learning.

Our work during the project includes literature and case reviews of the educational use of artificial intelligence, the design and development of the intelligent tutoring tool, and the training of tutors in order for them to pilot the tool.

At the end of the project in December 2013, a piloted and reviewed intelligent tutoring system will be available. This tool is potentially implementable in all open source platforms.

We are inviting you to follow our work! We will be posting all results and resources here on our website as well as opportunities for you to join us in our work.

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