Call for Experts

In order to ensure quality control on project aspects and outcomes in relation to Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) and as part of the overall evaluation and quality assurance measures a review panel composed by 3 reputed experts will be established, covering the three domains of the project: pedagogy, computer science and EU policies in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.

I-TUTOR Call for Experts

The experts will review and evaluate the project with respect to the design, the techniques to be applied, the development stages, the outcomes, and the best practices. As a consequence they will exploit their respective expertise in the fields of

  • Pedagogy, and in particular:
    • Instructional design
    • Tutoring issues
  • Computer science, and in particular:
    • Design and development of web based software architectures
    • Agent based software
    • Knowledge engineering and management
    • Data mining for educational purposes
    • NLP
    • Automated reasoning
    • HCI and user profiling
  • EU policies in the field of Technology Enhanced Learning.

For the description of the tasks, the application and the remuneration details please, check out the call for experts.

The dead-line for the applications is 12 September 2012!

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