The I-TUTOR consortium, in cooperation with SIREM – Società Italiana di Ricerca sull’Educazione Mediale invites you to the I-TUTOR workshop

Artificial Intelligence and Learning: an Evolving Relationship

13 November 2013 – University of Bari, Italy

In the frame of the SIREM conference http://www.sirem2013.it/


14.30-15.00 Registration
15.00-15.30 Presentation: introduction to the I-TUTOR project, aims, beliefs, hypothesis and implementation
15.30-16.00 Presentation of the I-TUTOR plugin
16.00-16.30 Break and networking
16.30–18.30 Talking AIED
Papers presentation and interactive sessions
18.30-19.00 Conclusions



The call
Authors Guidelines

Abstract Submission Deadline: 19 Oct 2013
Final Paper Submission Deadline: 13 Nov 2013

The ongoing relationship between learning and technologies includes the development and use of intelligent systems and agents supporting online learning at all levels of education and training. This relationship underpins a major issue: the integration of pedagogical and didactical instances and software design and development. Research areas as computer science, engineering, pedagogy and didactics are asked to jointly design and develop new ways to integrate technology in learning, where technology, far of being “a way of delivery”, is embedded in the pedagogical and didactical approach.
Online learning can significantly be supported by intelligent components, agents and systems, and dialogue between experts of learning and technology domains should be promoted and pursued, to enhance mutual understanding and the development of joint solutions.
The call for papers aims at collecting experiences, cases, visions, approaches on artificial intelligence use in learning environments, having the following topics:

  • Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • Profiling and clustering in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
  • AIED and social technologies
  • AIED between formal and informal learning
  • AIED and self-regulated learning

Selected papers of the conference will be published as proceedings in a peer reviewed publication.

The language of the workshop will be English.
The participation to the workshop is free of charge.

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