Interview with I-TUTOR contributor 3.

The I-TUTOR project team would like to show you the creative process behind the project work. We conducted short interviews with various contributors to offer you a unique view on the I-TUTOR development. Our second interview is with Dénes Zarka from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.

zarkis1. What is your role in the I-TUTOR project?
I coordinated the literature research workpackage and also wrote a chapter with an Italian colleague in the book that we have published. I also participate in the piloting of the product and I am responsible for the exploitation plan.

2. What was your main interest in the project?
My main interest in the project was to see how intelligent systems could really help in the tutition-learning process and if we already can create agents that are language and context independent.

3. What did you find suprising, more complicated or easier than expected?
One of the functions, the semantic map seems to be more complicated  in the preparation phase to use: to teach the agent, and to adjust the functionning.

4. What new questions arise while working on the project?
Many. As the programmers are constantly developping this multi-agent robot, I would be happy to be able to restart the testing. We still did not find the optimal way of using this robot.

5. What do you think about the future of the results, what would you like to see as a continuation of the project?
Massive testing and measurement on technological and methodological side. This product will be ideal either for engineers to test and develop it further, and also for tutors and methodology experts to see where and how to implement the robot. What are the benefits for different players in the ICT based educational process.

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