Report on the I-TUTOR Workshop: Artificial Intelligence and Learning – an Evolving Relationship

The I-TUTOR consortium, in cooperation with SIREM – Società Italiana di Ricerca sull’Educazione Mediale held its final I-TUTOR workshop at 13 November 2013 – University of Bari, Italy, In the frame of the SIREM conference

Online learning can significantly be supported by intelligent components, agents and systems, and dialogue between experts of learning and technology domains should be promoted and pursued, to enhance mutual understanding and the development of joint solutions – was the main message of the event.

2013-11-13 16.45.47During the event attendees had a first hand recital of the features and uses of the I-TUTOR plugin as well as a chance to ask questions and exchange ideas with the plugin developers and representatives of the piloting institutions present. The presentations about the project and about the plugin – I-TUTOR Plugin: Presentation of the main features and I-TUTOR Maps: exploring the theoretical background by Roberto Pirrone; Clustering and chatbots in learning tools by Karsten Lundqvist – are available to download.

The project also put out a call for paper for collecting experiences, cases, visions, approaches on artificial intelligence use in learning environments. The authors of the best papers were invited to present: an adaptive conversation-based learning approach was introduced as well as the relationship between learning environments and digital citizenship. The papers will be published by Italian e-Learning Association (SIe-L) in the Journal of e-Learning and Knowledge Society, in the December issue.


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